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How it all started

The very first time I laid eyes on this wonderful dish was at a friends house in Madrid in 2003 where I was treated as quest of honour by his parents. His dad took me to this tiny balcony 20 floors up overlooking the beautiful city of Madrid. He showed me how to cook this amazing dish using a traditional family recipe passed down through the generations. He meticulously took me through all the stages of cooking a authentic Spanish Paella. After several hours of preparing and then cooking in this huge pan I sat down at the dinner table and was treated to Spains most famous dish in the company of really good friends and his amazing family. This went on for several hours with lots of laughter and food washed down by some of Spains finest wines. From that day forth I have been hooked and truly fascinated by this extraordinary dish called Paella.
On my return to the UK after living in Spain for 2 years I got opportunity to once again to cook paella for a living. I spent several years working with someone and learning to cook paella for the masses. I then knew this was what I was meant to do and I started my own business called Paella España-The UK’s Authentic Spanish Paella. For many years I spent many hours perfecting my recipe.

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